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Model: 910.00.0009
The dried basil leaves have an intense sweet and aromatic and perhaps a little spicy taste.Dried basil has a beautiful and strong aroma, goes well with pasta sauces and tomato salads. It pleasantly flavors the fish in the oil paste and the meat in the oven.In Italy they use it to make the delicious ..
Brand: Green Panda Foods Model: 910.27.0023
Nutritional value per 100gEnergy 1606 kJ / 382 kcalFats 3.2 g of which saturated fatty acids 1.8 gCarbohydrates 67 g of which sugars 3.2 gFiber 23 gProtein 9.7 gSalt 0.07 gTurmeric powder. Ingredients: organically grown turmeric. Keep in a cool and dry environment.Consumption preferably before: see ..
Model: 910.00.0084
The black cumin or Melanthion per day or the Nigella sativa (Nigella sativa) are small black seeds of an annual plant of the Frog family originating in Southern Europe and North Africa.Its use is in the preparation of tea, throwing a teaspoon of seeds in hot water, leaving it for 10 minutes, with th..
Model: 910.00.0054
Black pepper of distant origin in India is grown there and in other tropical countries and is used not only in Indian, Chinese and Japanese cuisine but also around the world, to flavor our food and give it a spicy taste.From the seeds of the same plant also come the white and green pepper.One of the..
Model: 910.00.0049
Bukovo or Mediterranean chili is the spice that comes from chopped red peppers and is the version of Greek chili.Can be combined with oregano, marjoram, basil, parsley and garlic or pepper. Its name is due to a well-known red pepper from a monk who cultivated it in the 16th century in a monastery in..
Model: 910.00.0051
It comes from the chili or Capsicum annum pepper variety and owes its spicy taste to the capsaicin substance. It originates from Central and South America, but today is cultivated almost all over the world.Recent research has shown that it helps to control weight effectively, but this happens in peo..
Model: 910.00.0043
Cinnamon is known to all of us for its wonderful smell and taste. This cinnamon (Ceylon) only for its taste and amazing healing properties.According to research, Ceylon cinnamon has been shown to have antiseptic, digestive, tonic and hemostatic action..
Model: 910.00.0042
Cinnamon is known to all of us for its wonderful smell and taste. This cinnamon (Ceylon) only for its taste and amazing healing properties.Ceylon cinnamon powder is produced from this product as it comes in wood.According to research, Ceylon cinnamon has been shown to have antiseptic, digestive, ton..
Model: 910.00.0041
What are the ways we can use it and how can we take advantage of its properties?1. By consuming one - two cloves we can help remove harmful toxins from the body.2. Clove helps protect cells and stimulate energy throughout the body.3. It is widely used in traditional medicine for cases such as bad br..
Model: 910.00.0077
Coriander belongs to the category of aromatic plants that have been used by humans for a long time. It is a plant that is very similar to parsley and is used for both its fresh leaves and its fruit.Coriander is native to West Asia and North Africa and has been used as a seasoning since ancient times..
Model: 910.00.0064
Corn mustache has many healing properties such as:• They are valuable for the strong and harmless diuretic, sedative and anti-inflammatory action they have on the urinary system.• They are effective in cystitis, inflammation of the kidneys, nephrolithiasis (kidney stones), colic in the kidneys, rheu..
Model: 910.00.0046
Cumin has been used since ancient times. The first reference is to India, dating from the second millennium BC. Also, the seeds of cumin have references to archeological sites of the ancient Egyptians, where it was used as a spice but also as a preservative in embalming. Later, it was cultivated in ..
Model: 910.00.0044
The curry or flavor sauce as they call it comes from India. It is a mixture of many spices such as: ginger, garlic, pepper, turmeric, coriander, cumin seeds, black pepper, curry leaves, mustard seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, bay leaves and other spices that reach up to 40. This kourkou which giv..
Model: 910.00.0017
Echinacea is used to reduce the symptoms of the common cold and flu such as sore throat (pharyngitis), cough and fever. The use of echinacea is also recommended to strengthen the immune system and help the body fight infections. Echinacea plants contain a complex mixture of active substances. Some o..
Model: 910.00.0057
Model: 910.00.0061
Ginkgo Biloba is an herb with a high content of flavonoids, terpenoids and amino acids.Short-term herbal supplement for improving age-related memory and cognitive impairment (deterioration of mental abilities) and quality of life in adults with mild dementia. Also to relieve the feeling of heaviness..
Model: 910.00.0031
Green tea is truly "miraculous". Although it has been known for centuries that green tea is good for health, only recently has its healing properties been scientifically investigated. It is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that help fight oxygen free radicals that are harmful to the body, which cau..
Model: 910.00.0012
Laurel is a famous tree since antiquity.Although it has been widely established due to its use as a spice, it nevertheless has healing properties, which are not very well known.Laurel acts as an antiseptic, antispasmodic, aromatic, digestive, cholagogue and antiperspirant.The leaves and fruits have ..
Model: 910.00.0011
Licorice is a herbaceous perennial plant that is found naturally in Macedonia and other parts of Greece, as well as Europe and Asia. Apart from being a medicinal herb, it is also a non-volatile weed, which after its 3rd year forms underground long stems (roots), with a sweet taste and widespread use..
Model: 910.00.0026
The properties of marjoram are many and wonderful and these are:- immunostimulants…- immunomodulatory…Anticonvulsants and- sedatives that make marjoram a wonderful drink for insomnia, but never in large doses because it can cause dizziness and hallucinations…Tonic and- sedatives of the nervous syste..
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.00.0065
MACHA tea or the magic of Japan is the most popular green tea in the world.Bunch means powdered tea.It contains 135 times more antioxidants than a simple green tea and this is because we consume the whole tea leaf and not just the decoction. Unlike green tea, in bunch tea the leaves of the plant, be..
Model: 910.00.0047
It is an adaptogenic herb and spiceFights stressNutmeg is the stone fruit of the tree, fragrant or fragrant and has both calming and stimulating properties, depending on the needs of the body, which is why it is said to be an adaptogenic herb.It has the ability to dissolve kidney stones and is also ..
Model: 910.00.0032
Oregano is a culinary and medicinal herb that belongs to the family of Lamiaceae. It has been used in medicine and cooking for thousands of years. It adds flavor and aroma, while it has many health benefits.Oregano was used in herbal medicine even by the ancient Greeks. Hippocrates used it as an ant..
Model: 910.00.0030
Passionflower is a perennial climbing shrub native to the forests of the eastern United States. It was especially popular with the Indians who used it for edema, fungal infections and as a blood tonic. Today it is used to treat neuralgia and anxiety as well as congenital disorders, melancholy, depre..
Model: 910.00.0055
Pink pepper is the fruit of a shrub that has nothing to do with the plant from which we get our famous black pepper.With a distant origin in Brazil, these wonderful reddish rosé fruits have a subtle and slightly bitter taste.It is usually not cooked, it is almost always used whole (not grated), beca..
Model: 910.00.0062
From ancient times the people used the herbs for healing purposes as well as for the care of their skin. One of the most unique herbs is the equisetum (or polycomb) which has great nutritional value and is distinguished for its beneficial properties. Let us know!8 + 1 properties of the equestrian:It..
Model: 910.00.0013
The name of the plant ‘rosemary’ is a combination of the words tree and frankincense, while its Latin name Rosmarinous means sea rose. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) belongs to the Lamiaceae family. It is an aromatic, shrubby plant and is a typical species of the Mediterranean flora. Its flowe..
Model: 910.10.0013
The natural sea salt of Messolonghi has not undergone any treatment other than washing. It contains all the necessary trace elements for the body, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium. With controlled production in natural salt pans by the sea, the quality is maintained at the highest levels. It ha..
Model: 910.00.0050
Paprika not only has a spicy taste but can be a special combination of green, red and orange peppers. This is why paprika can have a sweet and mild taste.Used to give a bright red color to many foods (such as sweeteners, meat products).It goes especially well with pork, poultry and seafood dishes an..
Model: 910.00.0052
White pepper or otherwise white pepper is our well-known black pepper that has had its skin removed.The grains are then dried in the sun and acquire their characteristic white-yellow color.It is characterized by its soft texture and sparkle in taste.Although less aromatic, it is widely used in white..
Model: 910.00.0002
A really valuable plant, which grows in all climates, in large fences, on the edges of roads, in meadows, and which we find in our country in places with humidity. It has compound leaves, ovate, toothed, and small yellow flowers in long spike-like inflorescences. Its fruits are hairy and stick to cl..
Model: 910.00.0018
Zambucus or elderberry is an herb that plays a leading role in botany. It has traditionally been used by many cultures to treat viruses, infections of the upper respiratory tract and to heal skin wounds, and is one of the most widely used plants in the field of medicine. Sambucus is one of the ..
Model: 910.00.0006
A flower with a long history, the Achilles, grows wild almost all over the world, but is more common in southern Europe. In our homeland, of course, with its great botanical tradition, it could not go unnoticed. On the other hand, as its name suggests, it has been a well-known herb since antiquity, ..
Model: 910.00.0005
Althea was a food before it was considered a medicine. The young leaves are eaten raw or cooked. They can also be finely chopped and added to salads. The inner part of the young shoots is eaten raw.Flower petals and flower buds can be added to salads. A nutritious starch is obtained from the root wh..
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