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Brown Sperchios rice flour (500g)

The rice was grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers. It was cultivated in the NATURE area of ​​the Sperchios River and is one of the few crops that help in the fertility of the saline soils and in the preservation of the ecosystem of the wetlands.

Thanks to the biodiversity of the area it is very tasty and digestible. Free of cholesterol, sticky gluten and sodium. Ideally complements the amino acids of cereals.

100% GREEK- 100% NATURAL


Energy 362kcal / 1515kj,

Fat 2.7g,

Carbohydrates 76.2g, - of which sugars 0.8g,

Fiber 1.33,

Proteins 7,5g,

Potassium 0.27

Salt 0.01g

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