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Brand: BIO ZENTRALE Model: 910.26.0011
Προϊόν Βιολογικής ΓεωργίαςΣυστατικά: 67% νιφάδες ΣΟΓΙΑΣ , 13% ολόκληρες νιφάδες ΒΡΩΜΗΣ *, 8% ΠΟΠ ΣΙΤΑΡΙ ΝΤΙΝΚΕΛ γλυκαντικό (80% ΣΙΤΑΡΙ ΝΤΙΝΚΕΛ , 20% ΜΕΛΙ ), ηλιόσποροι , 5% ΦΟΥΝΤΟΥΚΙΑ *.*Βιολογικά προϊόντα.Διατροφίκη αξία/100ml:Ενέργεια 1739kj/413kcal.Λίπη 9,7γρ. εκ των οποί..
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.05.0019
Ingredients: wheat bran 65%, wheat flour, corn syrup, sea salt.Organic agriculture product.Nutritional value per 100gr. : Energy: 1237kj / 296kcal Fats: 2.5g of which saturated: 0.5gCarbohydrates: 35g of which sugars: 8g Fiber: 40gProtein: 13.5g - Salt: 0.6gMay contain traces of nuts, soy, sesame, g..
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.05.0003
Nutritional value per 100gr.Energy: 1466kj / 349kcalProteins: 9.8 g-Carbohydrates: 71 g, Fats 3.7 g-Plant Fiber 3.7 g-Salt 0.01 g.May contain traces of nuts, soy, sesame, gluten...
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.05.0024
Ingredients: wheat and corn flour 54%, chocolate powder * 23%, sugar *, salt, glucose syrup, natural flavors.Nutritional value per 100gr.Energy: 1602kj / 378kcalProteins: 6.5gr. F. Fibers: 4.1gr.Carbohydrates: 81.9g. of which sugars: 22.5 g- Fats: 3.3gr. of which saturated: 1.2 gr - Salt: 0.4gr.May ..
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.05.0023
Ingredients: Oat flakes, rye flakes, raisins. blonde ,whole corn flakes, sunflower seeds, flaxseed coffee, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, coconut, almonds, beer yeast flakes 0.8%(organic farming product).Nutritional value per 100gr.Energy: 1730kj / 413kcal-Fats: 8.5g of which saturated: 8gCarbohydrates: ..
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.05.0015
Great for breakfast or a light meal with milk, yogurt or fruit juice.Nutritional value per 100gr.Energy: 1460kj / 350kcalProteins: 14.2g-Carbohydrates: 59.8g. 5.7g-Fats.May contain traces of sour fruits, soy, sesame, gluten...
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.05.0005
Wheat flakes or Zeas help maintain a normal body weight. They are rich in low glycemic carbohydrates. Wheatgrass (triticum dicoccum) is one of the oldest cereals domesticated by man. It has been found in excavations in Greece and Asia Minor. Today it is cultivated in small scale production in Greece..
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.05.0025
Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, wheat bran, corn syrup, salt.(Organic farming product).Nutritional value per 100gr.Energy: 1730kj / 413kcal - Fats: 8.5g Of which saturated: 8g - Carbohydrates: 26g Of which sugars: 8g - Edible Fiber: 39g -Protein: 19g - Salt: 0.6g..
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.05.0022
Ingredients: rice flour (32%), corn flour (18%), wheat flour (18%), akat. sugar, chocolate couverture (4.7%), corn syrup, cocoa powder skimmed cocoa powder, salt, soy lecithin.Organic agriculture product.Nutritional value per 100gr. :Energy: 1633.90kj / 385.60kcal Proteins: 7.50gr. F. Fibers: 2.30gr..
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.05.0026
Ingredients: Oat flakes 40%, wheat flakes 13%, chocolate flakes chocolate 13% (corn, sugar, salt, corn malt), sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, arabic gum, coconut 10% 10% (rice,wheat, oats, barley, sugar, cocoa, barley malt), pieces of health chocolate 4% (cocoa mass *, cocoa butt..
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.05.0021
Ingredients: 100% corn .without sweeteners, without salt.Nutritional value per 100gr.Energy: 1517kj / 365kcal Fats: 4.70g of which saturated: 0.70 grCarbohydrates: 67g Of which sugars: 0.60 g - Fiber: 7.30g - Proteins: 9.40g- Salt: 0.088gMay contain traces of nuts, soy sesame, gluten.KEEP IN A COOL ..
Brand: BIO ZENTRALE Model: 910.26.0033
Προϊόν Βιολογικής ΓεωργίαςΣυστατικά:63% ολόκληρες νιφάδες ΒΡΩΜΗΣ, 12% κακάο ποπ ρυζιού ( ρύζι, ακατέργαστη ζάχαρη ζαχαροκάλαμου, 4% κακάο σκόνη χαμηλών λιπαρών, βύνη καλαμποκιού, αλεύρι βύνης ΚΡΙΘΑΡΙΟΥ, ηλιέλαιο, θαλασσινό αλάτι), 10% ηλιόσποροι, 7% μαύρη σοκολάτα, (κακ..
Oat branfrom a local indigenous variety of organic farmingStorage conditions: In a cool and dry placeConsumption preferably before: See on the packagingSuitable for vegan and vegetariansOatmeal is made only from the outside of the oat seed.Nutritional benefits of oat branRich source of beta-glucans...
Brand: Μόνο Ελληνικά Model: 910.05.0033
Oat bran is the outer shell of the oat seed. Seed bran contains higher amounts of the nutrients of the fruit than the seeds. It is an excellent choice for breakfast. You can also add nuts, flaxseed, dried fruits and enjoy a healthy breakfast. It is ideal for breakfast with milk, tea, muesli or yogur..
Brand: Μόνο Ελληνικά Model: 910.05.0034
Oatmeal is considered one of the healthiest choices we can make for our breakfast and is rightly described as the king of cereal flakes.Oatmeal goes well with yogurt, vegetable drink (almond, coconut, rice, oats), fruits and nuts. Use oatmeal to make pancakes or the well-known porridge cream.Store i..
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.05.0001
KEEP IN A COOL AND SHADOW PLACENutritional value per 100gr.Energy: 1470kj / 348kcalProteins: 13.5g-Carbohydrates: 58.7g. 7gr-Fat.May contain traces of nuts, soy, sesame, gluten...
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.05.0012
Nutritional value per 100gr.Energy: 1470 kj / 348 kcalProteins: 13.5 g-Carbohydrates: 58.7 g...
Wheat bran helps with constipation.As with oat bran, its consumption, due to its very high fiber content, has a positive effect on our body.Bran has a positive effect on cholesterol levels, because bran contains fiber that binds cholesterol and fats. It also gives iron balance to the body, to those ..
Dinkel flakes - otherwise spelled are a product of the processing of ancient cereals that have a great affinity with the well-known wheat.The difference is that dinkel is more digestible and could be a suitable diet for people with intolerance, eg gluten.The gluten it contains is of different compos..
Wholemeal oat flakesfrom a local indigenous variety of organic farmingStorage conditions: In a cool and dry placeConsumption preferably before: See on the packagingSuitable for vegans and vegetarians.Oats (Latin name Avenasativa L) is a type of cereal and belongs to the Gramineae family.Nutritional ..
Wholemeal marmalade flakes from a local indigenous organic barley varietyStorage conditions: In a cool and dry placeConsumption preferably before: See on the packagingSuitable for vegan and vegetarianBarley (Hordeumvulgare) is a cereal fruit and is one of the first cereals cultivated by humans.Nutri..
It has a high content of lysine (essential amino acids) and is rich in fiber. This has a positive effect on digestion. Rye is used almost exclusively in Central and Eastern Europe, as it is mainly used for making bread. Rye consists of 65% starch, 10% fiber, 12% protein, 9% water, fat and minerals. ..
Wholemeal tomato flakes from local indigenous organic farming. Organic products produced by Antonopoulos Farm...
Wheat flakes are an important source of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber, while they are low in fat. They have antiparasitic and anti-cancer properties.They are rich in calcium, calcium and iron and give us a very nutritious low calorie breakfast. A cup (portion) of wheat flakes ..
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