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Brand: Green Panda Foods Model: 910.27.0005
Real apricot flavor WITHOUT ADDED SUGARThe apricot bars are 100% vegan & organic. They contain only 5 selected, natural ingredients from controlled organic farming. Apart from apricots, grapes, ground buckwheat, almonds and sunflower seeds, there is no sugar or other additives.only 5 natural ing..
Brand: Green Panda Foods Model: 910.27.0021
Organic aronia powder.Materials: organically grown aronia.Keep in a cool and dry place.Consumption preferably before: see below.Nutritional value per 100gEnergy 1174 kJ / 284 kcalFats 4.5 g of which saturated fatty acids 1.2 gCarbohydrates 27 g of which sugars 9.4 gFiber 54 gProtein 6.9 gSalt 0 gBow..
Brand: Green Panda Foods Model: 910.27.0017
Green Panda Barley Grass Powder is characterized by its very mild, even slightly sweet taste. It is very thin and therefore very soluble. Barley is the right partner of the body for natural detoxification for every day. You get more vitality, energy and well-being for every day. Your body is getting..
Brand: BERIEF Model: 910.25.0009
VEGAN, GMO FREE, ΦΥΣΙΚΑ Χ/ΛΑΚΤΟZH -Χ/ΓΛΟΥΤΕΝΗΠροϊόν Βιολογικής Γεωργίας. ** περιέχει φυσικά σάκχαραΣυστατικά:πόσιμο νερό, πολτοποιημένος πολτός καρύδας *8%, θαλασσινό αλάτι. *Βιολογικά προϊόντα.Διατροφίκη αξία/100ml:Ενέργεια 62kj/15Kcal.,Λίπη 0,4γρ. εκ των οποίων κορεσμένα 0,1γρ.,Υδατάνθρα..
Brand: Green Panda Foods Model: 910.27.0001
The Choco Brownie Protein Bar…Choco Brownie Organic Protein Bars are 100% vegan & organic and contain valuable vegetable proteins from pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and sunflower seeds. In addition, they contain elements of raw raw cocoa, cocoa beans, cocoa mass, Ashwagandha root extract and a small..
Brand: Green Panda Foods Model: 910.27.0014
Cannabis seeds are full of vital substances that are important for many processes in the human body. Hemp protein is rich in fiber and with its high protein content puts an end to the rumor that plants do not contain valuable protein. Protein helps increase muscle mass. Therefore, Green Panda hemp p..
Brand: BIO ZENTRALE Model: 910.26.0011
Προϊόν Βιολογικής ΓεωργίαςΣυστατικά: 67% νιφάδες ΣΟΓΙΑΣ , 13% ολόκληρες νιφάδες ΒΡΩΜΗΣ *, 8% ΠΟΠ ΣΙΤΑΡΙ ΝΤΙΝΚΕΛ γλυκαντικό (80% ΣΙΤΑΡΙ ΝΤΙΝΚΕΛ , 20% ΜΕΛΙ ), ηλιόσποροι , 5% ΦΟΥΝΤΟΥΚΙΑ *.*Βιολογικά προϊόντα.Διατροφίκη αξία/100ml:Ενέργεια 1739kj/413kcal.Λίπη 9,7γρ. εκ των οποί..
Brand: BERIEF Model: 910.25.0007
VEGAN, GMO FREE, NATURAL X / LACTOH -X / GLUTEN Organic Agriculture Product. Ingredients: drinking water, SOY beans 7%, raw sugar, natural vanilla flavor, sea salt. Organic products. Nutritional value / 100ml: Energy 129kj / 31Kcal., Fats 0.8gr. of which saturated 0gr., Carbohydrates 4,4gr, of..
Brand: Green Panda Foods Model: 910.27.0023
Nutritional value per 100gEnergy 1606 kJ / 382 kcalFats 3.2 g of which saturated fatty acids 1.8 gCarbohydrates 67 g of which sugars 3.2 gFiber 23 gProtein 9.7 gSalt 0.07 gTurmeric powder. Ingredients: organically grown turmeric. Keep in a cool and dry environment.Consumption preferably before: see ..
Brand: Green Panda Foods Model: 910.27.0016
Nutritional value per 100gEnergy 705 kJ / 172 kcalFat 1.7 g of which saturated fatty acids 0.5 gCarbohydrates 2.3 g of which sugars 0.5 gFiber 44 gProteins 15 gSalt 0.33 gOrganic wheatgrass powder. Materials: organically grown wheatgrass. Keep in a cool and dry environment. Consumption preferably be..
Brand: ALB-GOLD Model: 910.08.0035
Buckwheat pens VEGAN-X / GLUTEN 300gr.Ingredients: Buckwheat flour.Organic ingredients.Nutritional value per 100 g: ENERGY 1497kJ / 354kcal,FAT 3.1g, of whichSATURATED0.7g, CARBOHYDRATES 65g,of which SUGAR 1.4g,VEGETABLES 9.2g, PROTEINS 12g,SALT <0.01g.Keep in a cool and shady place.PRODUCT OF GE..
Brand: Farabella gluten free Model: 910.21.0002
Rice-corn shell340 g - Gluten FreeIngredients: Rice flour *, flourcorn *. * organic product.Store in a cool and dry place.Nutrition statement per100 g: ENERGY 1500kJ / 350kcal,FAT 1.4g, of whichSATURATED 0.2g,CARBOHYDRATES 78g, of whichSUGAR 1,5g, FOOD FIBERS 1,8g,PROTEINS 6.4g, SALT 0g...
Brand: TERRAEPANE Model: 910.25.0005
Organic, Vegan, lactose free without Gluten, without Sugar Organic Agriculture Product Ingredients: Water, oats gluten free 14%sunflower oil, sea salt * organic products. Nutritional value / 100ml: Energy 232kj / 55kcal. Fats 1.4gr. of of which saturated 0.3g. Carbohydrates 9.8g, of which sug..
Model: 910.04.0015
Nutritional elements per 100grEnergy: 1460kj / 349kcalFats: 0.39g of which saturated: 0gCarbohydrates: 64g of which sugars: 45.6g - Fiber: 13gProtein: 14.3g -Salt: 0.7gKEEP IN A COOL AND SHADOW PLACE.May contain nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and soy...
Brand: BIO PLUS Model: 910.00.0065
MACHA tea or the magic of Japan is the most popular green tea in the world.Bunch means powdered tea.It contains 135 times more antioxidants than a simple green tea and this is because we consume the whole tea leaf and not just the decoction. Unlike green tea, in bunch tea the leaves of the plant, be..
Brand: TERRAEPANE Model: 910.25.0006
Organic, Vegan, X / lactose X / Sugar Organic Agriculture Product Ingredients: Water, OAT 15%, Algae Lithothamnium 0.4%. organic products. Nutritional value / 100ml: Energy 249kj / 58kcal. Fats 1.2gr. of of which saturated 0.2gr. Carbohydrates 10.0gr., Of which sugars 8.7gr., Phyt. Fiber 0.5..
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